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The action items from the meeting minutes (2015) in one concise organized place!

Planned tasks for this Reporting Period
Action Item Actor Task Description Start Date Target End Date Percent Complete Task Status
0/1 TP Complete MPA Product Specification for circulation to HOs 04/2011 70
0/2 NIPWG Circulate the MPA Product Specification inside HOs and obtain comment Depends on 1/1
0/3 TP+JR Investigate the possibility of taking the MPA work completed to date and creating a web service as an interim solution. 40 Postponed until a product specification is established
0/4 TP Create a word file concerning M-3 for the NP section to be placed on the Wiki for NIPWG updates if required by the NIPWG If it becomes necessary
0/5 NIPWG Revisit the test case paper SNPWG 18-8.1 Decide how to proceed.
1/1 RM Forward the SNPWG/NIPWG paper on the Registry handling requests to Yong again for submission to S-100WG for consideration. 07/2015 08/2015 100% out 2015_07_17
1/2 EH Check the status and encourage the progress of the NIPWG request on Data Quality for nonbathymetric data from the DQWG. 07/2015 07/2015
1/3 JS-F In conjunction with the S-100 WG and NCWG initiate a submission to HSSC7 to establish a Project Team for the S-122 portrayal development. 07/2015 11/2015 100% completed 2015_08_21
1/4 EH Monitor Avanti developments and report back items of interest to NIPWG. 07/2015 03/2016
1/5 JS-F/YB/RM Write a proposal for the next S-100WG meeting on how to include Context Features (perhaps including multiple scopes in the ProdSpecs). 07/2015 100% S100WG intends to incorporate "interoperability" function to the S-100. NIPWG should contribute on request.
1/6 NIPWG/JS-F Review the current DCEG draft document and initiate a NIPWG letter tasking the group to review and comment on the document. 07/2015 09/2015 100% out for WG review 2015_10_22
1/7 NIPWG/WdT Review the current version of S-126 and provide feedback on missing elements of physical environment. Wilfred den Toom will collect the comments and incorporate them into the test dataset sample. 07/2015 03/2016
1/8 JS-F Work to map the S-123 test data set and update the data model if required. SHOM will provide advice as needed. 07/2015 03/2016
1/9 Finland/Mexico/France Develop first draft of the Navigational Services Test Data sample with support from Denmark. France will deliver the sections that were originally stored in the Radio Services data sample set. 07/2015 03/2016
1/10 NIPWG First, NIPWG needs to advance the harmonization discussion between S-101 and S-122. After that, we need to update the MPA Application Schema (without context features) according to the harmonization process. Next we need to

generate the Feature Catalog. The Application Schema and Feature Catalog will be sent to KHOA for testing. If the Portrayal portion is incomplete, we can use the KHOA portrayal catalog builder for testing.

07/2015 03/2016
1/11 JS-F/YB Write a paper for submission to HSSC 7 to create a new ProdSpec for a Catalog of Nautical Products. 07/2015 09/2015 100% incoporated in the HSSC7 report
1/12 JS-F Write a letter to the group asking for more examples of fuzzy boundaries. 07/2015 08/2015 100% NIPWG1/2015 letter
1/13 NIPWG Consider how to implement the global approach of the provision of the nautical information in the perspective of a consolidated MSP. 07/2015 03/2016
1/14 JS-F Make a recommendation at HSSC7 to invite the S-100 WG to develop a scheme for the unique identifiers within S-100. 07/2015 09/2015 100% incorporated into the HSSC7 report
1/15 YB Monitor progress of the EAHC e-MIO project and provide an update at NIPWG2 07/2015 03/2016
1/16 TP, RM, BS Provide the Chairman with information on the use of agnostic tags which should be incorporated into S-100 07/2015 09/2015 100% completed 2015_11_02; see action item 1/17
1/17 JS-F Suggest to HSSC7 that the S-100 WG be tasked to consider incorporating agnostic tags into S-100. 07/2015 09/2015 100% completed 2015_11_02 S100WG chair has been informed. Although the idea has merit, the implementation is being postponed by the S100WG due to lack of resources.
1/18 MK Update the style harmonization paper and send the results to the Chairman. 07/2015 08/2015 100% completed 2015_08_06
1/19 JS-F Forward the style harmonization paper to the data sample test developer 08/2015 08/2015 100% completed 2015_08_14
1/20 MK, WdT, SE Implement the style harmonization change to their test data sample 08/2019 03/2016 30% NGA provided the revised version of Traffic Management
1/21 JS-F Draft a paper to NCWG for further consideration with recommendations that they invite the UNH to participate in the development of the data quality portrayal. 07/2015 08/2015 100% completed 2015_08_13