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This wiki is being used to support NIPWG working groups. Non NIPWG members e.g. other IHO working group members, marine experts, OEM personnel may contribute if authorised by NIPWG Chairman or Vice Chairman. Contact details can be obtained either at the users list page or here.

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You may refer to following areas of interests outside the wiki environment

S-100 schema repository

Notes and Terms related to building a product specification

In an effort to transition from paper-based books to a more data-centric information system, these product specifications were decided by the group. The information stored in N-Pubs were broken into manageable thematic information blocks that could be assigned to individuals within the group who are subject-matter experts.

The following pages contain discussion and work being done on each specific product specification (an * means there is no sample data so the page is rather empty, highlighted are being "intensively worked on"):

S-122 - Marine Protected Areas

describing protected areas and related features, regulations, and similar information about protected areas.

S-123 - Marine Radio Services

indicating the location, availability, type of radio communications, frequencies, and content of radio services for navigational information and other maritime radio communications.

S-124 Navigational Warnings*

not under NIPWG responsibility

S-125 - Navigational Services

describing navigationally features including lights and other navigation aids, both physical and virtual, temporary and seasonal marks, and local AIS application-specific messages.

S-126 - Marine Physical Environment

describing marine and terrestrial topography, prevailing, seasonal, and hazardous currents, tides, weather, and other environmental conditions.

S-127 - Marine Traffic Management

describing vessel traffic services, pilotage, routeing systems, and ship reporting systems.

S-128 - Catalogue of Nautical Products*

describing the product, coverage, and publication information of various products, ranging from paper publications such as paper charts and printed sailing directions to digital products such as ENCs and e-Navigation services.

S-12x - Marine Services*

S-12x - Digital Mariners' Routeing Guide*

S-12x - Marine Harbour Infrastructure*

IHO Geospatial Information (GI) Registry

Since many of these S-xxx standards originated from Coast Pilots and Sailing Directions, here is a list of member states nautical publications for reference:

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