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This is the start page for NIPWG Feature Concept Dictionary discussion.

A source providing S57 the Feature Object Catalogue is listed at the menu bar for your convenience.

READ THIS FIRST The open issues have been placed at the "Proposed ... to be added to NIWPG FCD" menu items. If you agree with the proposal add your name/organisation and a little "agreed" just underneath the separation line which can easily be detected by the four "-" at the bottom of each page when switching to "edit" modus. This "edit" can only be seen when being logged in.

This procedure applies only to the open items. However, the discussion is not limited to them.

Use of different colours to specify the different status of FCD entries

The menu entries should use different colours to show their status of implementation
"black" means not approved by a Product Specification
"blue" means confirmed
"red" means added to relevant IHO register

All menu entries are enhanced with the relevant html code. It is only necessary to change the colour according to the given values.

Feature types

All items are completed and discussed

BERAST Manoeuvring and berthing assistance

CALARE Calibration area

CONSHA Concentration of shipping hazard area


FLGINF Flag Information


INMSAT Inmarsat Ocean Region area

MPAARE Marine Protected Area (MPA related)

NATCND Natural conditions


NAVTEX NAVTEX station area

OBSTRN Obstructions (MPA related)

PILBOP Pilot boarding place

PIRARE Piracy risk area

PLTSRV Pilot service

PRTARE Port area

RADSTA Radar station

RDOCAL Radio calling in point

RDOSTA Radio station

RDOSVC Radio service area

RSCSTA Rescue station

RESARE RestrictedArea - Navigational and Regulatory (MPA related)

SECLVL Security level according to ISPS Code

SLCONS Shoreline construction

SMCFAC Small craft facility

SUPPLY Supplies

TIMZON Time Zone

TRCSRV Traffic Control Service (MPA related) now Vessel traffic service area Vessel traffic service area

UKAARE Underkeel allowance area

WASDIS Waste disposal

WATARE Waterway area

WETFCA Weather forecast and warning areas

WRECKS Wrecks (MPA related)

Proposed feature types to be added to NIPWG FCD

Nothing at the moment.

Abstract Feature types

OrganisationContactArea Organisation Contact Area

SupervisedArea Supervised Area

ReportableServiceArea Reportable Service Area

Proposed Abstract Feature types to be added to NIPWG FCD

Nothing at the moment.

Information types

APPLIC Applicability (MPA related)

AUTORI Authority (MPA related)

CONDET Contact details (MPA related) replaced by CONDET2

CONDET2 Contact details (MPA related)

NATINF Nautical information (MPA related)

NSWKDY Non-standard working day (MPA related)

RCMDTS Recommendations (MPA related)

REGLTS Regulations (MPA related)

RESDES Restrictions (MPA related)

SHPREP Ship report (MPA related)

SRVHRS Service hours (MPA related)

Proposed Information types to be added to NIPWG FCD

Nothing at the moment.

Association Class

PERMIS permissionType

INCTYP InclusionType

Proposed Information features to be added to NIPWG FCD

Nothing at the moment.

Simple attributes

ACTXEP Action or activity exception (s/b MPA related)

ADDBLD Additional building or landmark description

ADDLIT Additional light information

ADDOBN Additional object name description

ADMDIV Administrative division

APPPRF Application profile

AVLBLG Available berthing length

BALAST Ballast

CALNAM Call name

CARDIR Cardinal directions (MPA related)

CATAUT Category of authority (MPA related)

CATBAS Category of berthing and maneuvering assistance

CATBRC Category of broadcast/communication

CATCAL Category of calibration area

CATCGO Category of cargo (MPA related - not in registry)

CATDHC Category of dangerous or hazardous cargo or ballast (MPA related)

CATFCA Category of weather and ice forecast and warning area

CATFLG Category of flag

categoryOfCommPref Category of communication preference (MPA related)

CATGMD Category of GMDSS area

CATGPS Category of DGPS operational status

CATHAF Category of harbour facility

CATLND Category of land region

CATMAB Category of maritime broadcast

CATMOR Category of mooring/warping facility

CATTRC Category of traffic control service (MPA related)

CATNTC Category of natural conditions

CATPLT Category of pilot

CATPRA Category of production area

CATRCO Category of messages of DGPS station (GLONASS)

CATREA Category of restricted area (MPA related)

CATREL Category of relationship (MPA related)

CATREP Category of IMO ship report (MPA related - not in registry)

CATRGY Category of vessel registry (MPA related)

CATRMT Category of radio methods

CATROS Category of radio station

CATSHA Category of concentration of shipping hazard area

CATSIT Category of signal station, traffic

CATSIW Category of signal station, warning

CATSUP Category of supply

CATTIM Category of time domain

CATTRA Category of transport facilities

CATTXT Category of text (MPA related)

CATUCO Category of messages of DGPS station (GPS)

CATWAS Category of waste

CITYNM City name (not in registry)

COMCHA Communication channel

COMPOP Comparison Operator

contactInstructions Contact Instructions

CONTRY Country moved to CNTRNM

CNTRNM country name

dateFixed Date fixed

dateVariable date ariable

DELPNT Delivery point

DESCRP Description

DISTNC Distance

DRMSPD Drum speed

DSTNTN Destination

DSTOFF Daylight Saving Time offset from UTC

DVLPMT Development

DWTTON Deadweight tonnage

DYWKRN Day of week is range

EXCLIT Exhibition condition of light new

FILLOC File locator

FIXTIM Fixed time

FRQRXV Frequency shore station receives

FRQTXM Frequency shore station transmits

GPSBIT DGPS corrections bits per second

GPSRID DGPS reference station identification number

GPSTID DGPS transmitting station identification number

HEADLN Headline

HOLQUA Holding quality

ICECAP Thickness of Ice capability

IMOREP IMO format for Reporting

INDCOP Index of co-operation

INTMON Integrity monitoring


LANGGE Language

LCNDES Location designation

LINKGE linkage

LITNMD International number of a light decimal

LITNML International number of a light letter

LITNMW International number of a light whole

LNGINF Language information

LOGCON Logical connectives (MPA related)

MBRSHP Membership (MPA related)

MMSICO Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) Code

MNTALL Minute past every hour

MNTEVN Minute past even hours

MNTODD Minute past odd hours

NAMRES Name of resource

NATCON Nature of construction

NLTNUM National number of a light

NTCHRS Notice time in hours

NTCTXT Notice time text

NTNCUR National currency

NUMPAX Number of passengers

NUMVES Number of vessels

OBSTIM Observation time

OPERAT Operation

OTHCUR Other currency

PICCAP Picture caption

PICINF Picture information

PLTMOV Pilot movement

PLTQFC Pilot qualification

PLTRQS Pilot request

PLTVSL Pilot vessel

POPLTN Population

POSCOD Postal code

PRDDRG Period between dredging

PRFMNC Performance

PRFPIL Preference of pilot boarding place

PRJDEP Project depth

PROTCL Protocol

PROTRQ Protocol request

PURMOR Purpose of mooring facility

QTYLIM Quantity limit

RACNUM RACON reference number

RELPSN Relative position description

REPDAT Reported date

RMLTWT Requirements for maintenance of listening watch

RMTPLT Remote pilot

SELCAL Selective call number for telex over radio

SILTAT Siltation Rate

SORTYP Source Type


SRVFBG Fire-fighting service

SRVMED Medical service

SRVREP Repair service

SRVTEC Techical port service

SSCCRT Ship Sanitation Control


STTOFF Standard Time offset from UTC

SUBJCT Subject

SVAPRC Service access procedure

telcomCarrier Telecommunications Service Carrier

telcomID Communication Identity

TIMEND ex TIMENW Time of day end

TIMSTA ex. TIMSTW Time of day start

TOTBER Total number of berths

TRAFIC Traffic flow

TRIDCA Transmitter identification character

TRMCTN Transmission content (other than MSI)

TRMREG Transmission regularity

TRMTFC Transmission of traffic list

TRMTIM Transmission time

TRPTFC Transport infrastructure

TXTDSC Textual description

UKAFIX Underkeel allowance fixed

UKAVAR Underkeel allowance variable

UKAVBB Underkeel allowance variable beam based

UKAVDB Underkeel allowance variable draught based

VSLCAR Vessel's characteristics (MPA related)

VSLVAL Vessel's characteristics value

VSLUNT Vessel's characteristics units (MPA related)

VSTBER Number of berths for visitors

WEARSK Weather risk

WEMUSE Weights and measures used

YERDWT Year of deadweight tonnage

YERPAX Year of number of passengers

YERVES Year of number of vessels

YERPOP Year of population

Proposed Simple attributes to be added to NIPWG FCD

IDCODE ID Code actually retired

Simple attributes defined in S-101 and used in Wreck and Obstruction feature classes

  • CATOBS category of obstruction
  • CATWRK category of wreck
  • CONDTN condition
  • CONRAD radar conspicuous
  • CONVIS visually conspicuous
  • EXPSOU exposition of sounding
  • HEIGHT height
  • maximumPermittedDraught maximum permitted draught
  • QUASOU quality of sounding measurement (MPA related)
  • STATUS status (MPA related)
  • TECSOU technique of vertical measurement (MPA related)
  • WATLEV water level effect (MPA related)

Complex Attributes

BRGINF Bearing information (MPA related)

contactAddress Contact Address (MPA related)

DSTEND Daylight Saving Time end

DSTSTA Daylight Saving Time start

FAXSSP Facsimile drum speed

FixedDateRange Fixed Date Range (MPA related)

FRQPAR Frequency pair (MPA related)

GRAPHC Graphic (MPA related)

Information Information (MPA related)

LITNUM International number of a light

FeatureName Feature Name (MPA related)

NTCTIM Notice time (MPA related)

ONLRES Online resource (MPA related)

ORIENT Orientation (MPA related)

periodicDateRange periodic date range (MPA related)

POPNBR Population in the vicinity of the Port

RDOCOM Readiocommunication

RXNCOD Regulation / restriction / recommendation / nautical information code

SectorLimit Sector Limit (MPA related)

SORIND Source Indication (MPA related)

scheduleByDoW Schedule by day of week (MPA related)

TELCOM Telecommunications (MPA related)

TextualDescription Textual Description

TIMTRM Time of transmission

TmIntervalsByDoW time intervals by day of week (MPA related)

TRADET Transport details

TXTCON Text content (MPA related)

UKALNS Underkeel allowance

VOLTRF Volume of traffic

VSLMSM Vessel's measurements

Proposed Complex attributes to be added to NIPWG FCD

nothing at the moment

Code list attributes

Open enumerations

ACTION Action or activity (MPA related)

ONLFUN Online function (MPA related)

telcomService Telecommunications Service (MPA related)

(closed) CATVSL Category of vessel (MPA related) (closed)

CATVSL_2 Category of vessel (MPA related)

categoryOfSchedule Category of schedule (time schedule) (MPA related)

CATIUC Category of Marine Protected Area (MPA related)

CATRXN Category of regulation / restriction / recommendation / nautical information

Closed enumerations

DYOFWK Day of the week (MPA related) -> is now a closed codelist

Proposed code list attributes to be added to NIPWG FCD


Deleted items

A summary of deleted_entries, both features and attributes, can be found here.

ADRNET Internet address

ADRTLG Telegraph address

AISATN Automatic Identification System (AIS) as an aid to navigation Do we really need this in the future? is it not covered by TSMAD AIS features (physical and virtual)?

catcst Category of Coastal Landforms

catflu Category of Fluvial Landforms

catmgl Category of Mountain and Glacial Landforms

catmsi Category of Maritime Safety Information (MSI)- Replaced by catmab

catmpa Category of MPA

catnti Category of General Nautical Publication information subject

catpbp Category of pilot boarding place

CATRXN Original Category of regulation / restriction / recommendation / nautical information

CATTZN Category of time zone new

CATTZN Original Category of Time zone before shortening

catvol Category of Volcanic Landforms

CHALIM Characteristics of vessels which cause limitations

CLSEMM Class of emission

coastl Coastal Landforms

cntltw continuous listening watch

EMAILS Email address

GMLLCN Location name

gpsrdf DGPS reference station identification number first

gpsrds DGPS reference station identification number second

flulan Fluvial Landforms

frmtxt Formatted text

INFOML Information, multi-lingual

LIMTYP Limitation type

MAXAIR Maximum air draught

MAXBRD Maximum breadth

MAXDPL Maximum displacement tonnage

MAXDRF Maximum draught

MAXDWT Maximum deadweight tonnage

MAXGTN Maximum gross tonnage

MAXLOA Maximum overall length

MAXNTN Maximum net tonnage

MINDPL Minimum displacement tonnage

MINDRF Minimum draught

MINDWT Minimum deadweight tonnage

MINGTN Minimum gross tonnage

MINLOA Minimum overall length

MINNTN Minimum net tonnage

moglla Mountain and Glacial Landforms

MPADET Marine Protected Area details

mpapen Marine Protected Area Penalty; deleted - see Talk:Mpapen

mpapen Marine Protected Area Penalty (not started) - this is a duplicate see above...Jens can we delete this here?

nfmtxt Formatted text in national language

notice time Development discusion to amend NTCTIM to become a complex attribute.

NMTLOW Telephone number outside working hours

NTCTIM old Notice time

NTIDCH NAVTEX transmitter identification character

NUMFAX Fax number

NUMTEL Telephone number

NUMTLX Telex number

NWKDAY Non-standard working day

ntiare General Nautical Information area

ntxtda advanced textual description in national language

Observation Time, ex TIMOBS Time of observation

penlty penalty (not started - Holding for mpapen)

regltn reglation information (not started - holding for mpareg)

RUBRIC Rubric (Idea continues with SUBJCT)

RXNCODOriginal Regulation / restriction / recommendation / nautical information code

SMTEND Summer Time end

SMTSTA Summer Time start

svcare Radio/RADAR Service area; started by jens; collected some ideas and proposals; pls check; David added thoughts. see also discussion at sta_discussion; finally deleted and placed here. replaced by rdosvc

telcom telegraphic communications *(((Entry complete; discussion started; Propose delete; Jens replied, see discussion at telcom; Jens replied; Deleted)))

TIMREF Time reference (MPA related)

trmrng Transmission range

trnmst status of transmission

txtdad advanced textual description

UKCLRN Underkeel clearance

UKCFIX Underkeel clearance fixed

UKCVAR Underkeel clearance variable

UKCVDB Underkeel clearance variable draught based

UKCVBB Underkeel clearance variable beam based

UTCOFF Coordinated Universal Time offset

vollan Volcanic Landforms

WKDYWK Working days of week

WKHRDY Working hours of day

WKDYWKold Working day of the week

Discussion page

For some reasons the group might collect ideas and working items which are not reflected in the list below or which are under consideration. Those items can be found at the open_points page.

Associated files

  • Follow this link to upload the leatest version of the SNPWG 11 spreadsheet after all items have been uploaded to the wiki. Note: The wiki contains all NIPWG feature objects/ information objects and attibutes now.

File:SNPWG 11 FeatAttObjSummary.xls

  • Follow this link to upload the leatest version of the working doc files




  • The following links contain ideas on natural conditions:

File:Ideas for Natural conditions.doc Jens' first proposal

File:Thoughts on Natural Conditions.doc David's reply and further thoughts

  • The following link contains new ideas for MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION

File:CHRIS20-06.1A TSMAD Report.pdf different versions available there

  • The following link contains a summary of the agreed attributes implemented into the SNPWG wiki

File:SNPWG11 Attributes to be imported into Wiki.doc

  • The following link contains information to clarify the status of each attribute