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Although I'm not a wiki expert and currently I'm not intending to become one, pls find below some helpful information for your convenience. Have fun Jens

How do I edit a page?

  • This is the most important part. You have to use the edit link on top to modify the page content. The discussion tab works similar.
  • To edit a page, simply click the edit link that appears on each page. A form will appear, containing the existing markup. When you have finished making modifications, click the Save button to commit your changes.

How do I create a new page?

There are several paths to creating a new page:

  • Create a link to the page on another page, then click on the red link which appears
  • Browse to the location of the page, and click on the edit link.

How do I create a link to a new page?

  • Embed the term you intend to be as a link in brackets like this [[link ]] or this [[link | Text ]]

How do I mark terms or links in bold?

  • Either use the formatting button on top of the "edit" area or place three ' ' ' before and after the text or link.

How do I combine links and bold?

  • Use following combination three ' ' ' followed by [[ and than close the area with the ]] followed by ' ' '.
  • The order of symbols is important, otherwise the result is not sufficient. However, use the edit link at each page and browse for further formatting examples.

How do I upload the current version of the associated files?

  • Follow the link at bottom at the SNPWG page and replace the current version in the page which will appear when the link opens. Don't get nervous that it is called IMAGE; it is the folder where the uploads will be stored. An instruction is written at spreadsheet page in detail.

How do I create a time stamp associated with my sign in name

  • Add easily 4 ~ at the place underneath your comments or contributions.

How do I create the confirmation table underneath each entry

  • Quit easy, copy and paste from other pages where the table exist or copy this at when being in edit mode
David Ricardo Rolando Jens

How do I provide my contact details?

  • Simply refer to the users page link. You can find it on the right top of each page.

Some more Wiki syntax

  • Italic text can be written by using the editing buttons on top or like ' 'this' '.
  • enumerated lists with one intentation like this
  1. item 1
    1. item
    2. item
  2. item 2
    1. item
    2. item

can be styled using one or two #

  • list style using dots like this
  • item
    • item
    • item
    • item
  • item
    • item

can be styled using one or two *

How to handle the sample dataset

Important is to use only the current version of the file which can easily be found when clicking on the link. Don't wonder why it is headed with "Image:...". That is wiki syntax and will not be replaced by other terms.
The text underneath the Warning can be amended by editing the page. The default setting is, that the text is a copy of the last comment in the file history section. As stated above, it can easily be amended. If intending to do some work please declare here that the file is under construction by you. That is important to avoid file conflicts.
A click on the file file opens an external application, usually MS word, and the file can be edited. I strongly suggest to check "Track changes". It is an incredible help for other editors.
When finished the work the file should be saved somewhere on your computer with a name at your choice. It is time to upload the next current version now. With a click a new window offers to browse for the file which will be the next current version. You see, it doesn't matter which name you have given to that file when saving it on your computer. The new version will get the wiki file name. The wiki needs only to know which file it should place. You should write a little comment stating what you have done in brief.
After uploading the new version you can find the current version on top of the file history and your comment is now below the Warning section. That indicates to other that the file is not longer blocked.

I hope it was of some help. Have fun. Jens