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I think Services here is either the wrong name for this data or the wrong data being represented under this name.

OpenStreetMap's wiki for seamarks shows the INT-1_Section_T-Services as is typical for the Mariner's understanding of services relating to:

  • Pilotage
  • Coastguard Rescue
  • Stations
  • Harbor Facilities
  • Mooring Facilities
  • Small Craft Facilities

As of yet, S-125 clearly isn't being modeled as a Notice to Mariner (as Dave LeWald and Briana Sullivan hoped they might be)....we already have papers written and distributed (as of May 2017) that have requested both the S-101 and the S-201 to incorporate missing attributes that relate to the AtoN's that weren't being represented....thus, possibly eliminating the need for S-125.

I think we should seriously think about what is already out it is being represented and not try to reinvent the wheel unnecessarily. (my 2 cents)

jens (talk) 10:14, 7 August 2017 (CEST) IALA will dicsuss that problem during the next FAL saession in Sept. 2017. S-101 is considering how to implement the relevant S-125 components. NIPWG decided, based on HSSC order, to put the S-125 developement on hold. Based on the progress/decisions made by IALA and S-101, we should pick that discussion up during the next meeting.