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Catalogue of Nautical Products
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Knowledgeable WG members: Yves Guillam (IHB) and Republic of Korea (KHOA) (development)

S-128 is a product specification on exchanges of catalogues of nautical products.

What specifically does the "Catalogue of Nautical Products" contain?

  • Printed products available in each country?
  • on-line resources?
  • how will it be accessed?
  • will this include all of the S-xxx items?

Process for development

Nautical products can be classified into NP1, NP2 and NP3 depending on types of production. If S-128 were to include NP3 only, it could be used only when the development progress of S-XXX and production system for S-100 based products of each hydrographic office were settled.

Nevertheless, there is still a need to exchange catalogues of nautical products including INT charts. Paper-based and S-100 based nautical products will very likely be used concurrently for a while as is the case with S-57 and S- 101.

Outlined in the Table are potential catalogues of nautical products which can be included in S-128. Developing a comprehensive product specification can be considered, taking into account various nautical products, S-XXX, eNavigation, etc.

All three of these types of products will be contained within the S-128 product specification.

Classification Format Products
NP 1 Paper Paper chart, Sailing Directions, list of lights, tide table, tidal chart, current table
NP 2 PDF Digital list of lights, digital radio signals, TotalTide
NP 3 electronic S-101 (ENC), S-102, S-111, S-112, … (s-1xx)
e-Navigation electronic MSP (Maritime Service Portfolio) Services


Validating Stage

  • Create a test procedure and scenario for validating S-128
    • All member states will generate test data for specific items and give to ROK.
  • Create test data according to the application schema and the feature catalogue
  • Validate S-128 data using S-100 testbed
  • Write a brief report on the result of validation and revise S-128 as appropriate

Questions/ Comments

from 2016 presentation

  • Need to clarify the definition of nautical products