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Marine Traffic Management
a place to discuss and follow the work

Knowledgeable WG members: Mike Kushla (U.S./NGA)

Sample data: File:Traffic Management Test Data Sample.docx

Ship Reporting Systems

  • Mandatory
    • Notification of Arrival
    • Local Reporting System
  • Voluntary
    • Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER)
      available methods: e-mail, AMVERS/SEAS (INMARSAT-C), HF Radiotelex, HF Radio, Telex, Facsimile, CW (Morse Code)
      • Sailing Plan (SP)
      • Position Report (PR)
      • Deviation Report (DR)
      • Arrival Report (AR)
    • Piracy-Merchant Vessel Navy Voluntary Reporting System
      NOTE: the Information Services"" portion seems like it belongs with S-123 Radio Services
  • Seasonal (is this mandatory or voluntary or both?)
    • Right Whale
    • Winter Ice Transit

Traffic Control Services

  • Interactive
    • Vessel Traffic Services
    • Pilotage
  • Passive
    • Firing and Exercise Areas
    • Areas to be Avoided
    • Mined Areas
    • Tracks and Routes
  • Traffic Control Signals
    • International Port Closure Signals
    • Harbor Control Signals

Regulatory Reporting Requirements

  • Notice of ETA
  • Notice of ETD
  • Pre-arrival Reporting
  • Vessels in a Dangerous Condition
  • ISPS Reporting Requirements
  • Emergency Refuge


  • Traffic Separation Schemes?
  • would this overlap with Navigational Warnings (or Notice to Mariners) when something changes?