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Physical Environment
a place to discuss and follow the work

Knowledgeable WG members: briana sullivan (UNH), Wilfred den Toom (NL), Tom Loeper (USA), Yves Le Franc (SHOM)

OLD ORIGINAL - Sample Test Data File:Physical Environment Test Data Sample.docx (NOTE: we are now using real samples from US Coast Pilot and US Sailing Directions)

NEW listing of terms with data source (Annex A)

File:Coast Chart Term Frequency NIPWG Version.xlsx - a new list of terms compiled from all possible sources related to the Physical Environment that contains statistics on the frequency of word use within the 9 volumes of the US Coast Pilot. It will be used as a guide to focus on terms to research and build use case scenarios so we know what is of value to model and what doesn't need representation.

Maritime Topography

(these terms origniated from scanning the publications and discussing among the group which were the most SIGNIFICANT features a mariner needed for navigation)

  • General Remarks
    • Chart reference
    • general description of the area (topological as well as submarine)
  • Seabed and Features
    • Deeps
    • Ridges and Plateaux
    • Shoals and Banks
  • Submarine Springs
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Seismic Activity

Magnetic Variations and Local Anomalies

  • Magnetic Variations
  • Magnetic Anomalies

Currents, Tidal Strams and Flow

  • Currents
    • General Information
    • Named Currents
    • Seasonal Currents
  • Titdal Streams

Sea Level and Tides

  • Sea Level
  • Tides

Sea and Swell

  • Sea Conditions
  • Swell Conditions
  • Tropical Disturbances
  • Abnormal Waves

Sea Water Characteristics

  • Salinity
  • Density
  • Sea Surface Temperature

Ice Conditions

  • Drift Ice
  • Icebergs

Climate and Weather

  • General Information
  • General Conditions
    • Climate
    • Visibility
    • Cyclones
  • Pressure
    • Average Distribution
    • Variability
    • Diurnal Variation
    • Abnormal Falls
  • Anticyclones
    • Sub-tropical high pressure belt
  • Depressions
    • General Information
    • Cyclones, tropical storms, tropical depressions
    • Classification
    • Occurrence
    • Average occurrence of tropical storms and cyclones in the SW indian ocean (this seems too specific for a heading)
    • Movement
  • Fronts
    • Cold Fronts
    • The intertropical convergence zone
  • Winds
    • General information
    • South-east trade winds
    • The North-west monsoon
    • Light or moderate variable winds
    • The Westerlies
    • Coastal Areas
    • Land and sea breeze
  • Gales
    • General Information
    • Winds north of 30°S
    • Winds south of 30°S
    • Squalls
    • Waterspouts
  • Cloud
    • North of 30°S
    • The sub-tropical belt of high pressure
    • South of 30°S
  • Precipitation
    • General Information
    • The North-west monsoon and ITCZ
    • Madagascar
    • La Reunion, tec
    • Cycolones
    • The sub-tropical belt of high pressure
  • Fog and visibility
    • Sea fog
    • Radiation fog
  • Air Temperature
    • Open sea
    • Coastal areas
  • Humidity
    • General Information
    • Open sea N of 30°S
    • South of 30°S

Climate Information

  • Climate Station Information


  • Where are the Physical Descriptions of features, approaches, ports, anchorages, etc?
  • Are references to external documents (i.e. Mariner's Handbook) to be kept or actual data from the reference or attach pdf?
  • S-26 ?(undersea feature names) should be incorporated into this